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Quarantine & Chill: 14 Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up

With all that's going on in the world today, we've all had to re-adjust and adapt to changing times. This is also means finding ways to stay positive and entertained while at home and in social isolation. Here is a list of 14 ways to keeping your spirits up in the age of quarantine. Stay safe & healthy, and let's work together to get through this!

1. Quarantine & Connect!

Let's get creative and find ways to stay connected with one another all while maintaining social distancing. Whether it's Facetime-ing, texting or calling, be sure to reach out to loved ones and keep conversations going. This will help keep you calm, cool and connected during a time that is least but that.

2. QuarantWINE Time!

Who said staying indoors meant being bored? Why not indulge in a glass (or two!) of wine! The Wine Shop is currently offering free delivery on all wine orders. So what better way to keeping things as normal as possible and fun than with some vino! Grab your favourite bottle, with your favourite movie and celebrate your blessings!

3. You Glow Girl!

With all this down time, why not pull out all those face masks that you've never gotten around to using! Maskeraide Beauty offers some amazing face masks that allow you to feel like the GLOWING QUEEN you are, all within the comfort of your home! #YouGlowGirl

4. Journalling Your Thoughts!

With the onslaught of the information overload, now is the time to check in on ourselves and see how we're managing all this information. Journalling is a great way to organize your thoughts and relieve a little bit of the inevitable stress, anxiety and fear associated with these uncertain times. So dust off that old journal, find yourself a pen and get journalling!

5. Bake Your Home a Happier Place!

What better time to get back to old hobbies that bring with it happy memories, sweet nostalgia and yummy treats! This is undoubtedly a great way of keeping spirits up and tummies happy! So here's to (baking) yourselves a little happier, one treat at a time!

6. Family Night, Movie Night!

Something to be grateful for during these times is our widely available access to movies and tv shows! No better time to hit that "To Watch" list or binge watch that series you've never had time for! Movie nights are also great ways to dive into another reality and find a sweet escape from the craze!

7. Skincare is Self-Care!

While we're not going outdoors, why not take advantage of staying in and focusing on our skincare. Alya Skin offers some amazing products that make you feel like you're having a high-quality facial, all from the comfort of your home. So be sure to take time to pamper yourself and keep your spirits up!

8. Get Outdoors & Have a Breath of Fresh Air!

With all the craze, it's easy to forget that Spring is in full bloom. What better time to go for a walk or do some gardening on your property! These are great ways to avoid going stir-crazy and get into some much needed physical exercise.

9. A Sweet Escape!

While staying healthy is important more than ever right now, give yourself a break and allow yourself to indulge in a sweet treat every now and then. These small everyday pick-me-ups can do wonders to keeping your spirits up and tummies happy! So the next time you go grocery shopping, grab yourself a guilt- free sweet treat!

10. Stay Healthy!

Take some time to think of ways to stay healthy and keep your immune system as strong as possible. Some great ways to do this is to incorporate fruits and veggies into a healthy smoothie or drinking some nutrient-rich lemon water. These are great ways to keep your body strong and ready to fight whatever comes its way! So here's to making healthy choices!

11. Craft a Cocktail!

Crafting a fun cocktail is the adult equivalent of children's arts and crafts! What better way to utilize some of the fun gadgets, gizmos and ingredients in your bar cart than to whip up a new cocktail! So here's to getting creative, get crafty and having some adult-styled fun!

12. Light Em' Up, Light Em' Up!

Now is the time for your Bath and Body Works candles to shine! Lighting a candle is a great way of making your home feel more cozy and warm! Whether its your work-from-home space or living room as you watch a movie, light a candle and make yourself feel a little better!

13. Knowledge is Power!

Now is the time to make strides down that reading list! Why not dust of those books and take a deep dive into some new (or old) reads. First on my list is The Body Book! What a great way to disconnect and have some good ol' reading fun! Better yet, why not host a virtual book club with some girlfriends!

14. Let's Get Crafty!

The next best thing to actually socializing is reminiscing on socializing? Why not use this time to gather some of your favourite pictures and start scrapbooking! While you flip through your photos, take some time to reminisce on the fun times. Who were you with? What were you doing? How did you feel? These are some great details you can scribble into your scrapbook!

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Mar 25, 2020

Thanks for all these amazing tips! Already started on the journaling and crafting. I definitely need to try experimenting with cocktails!

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