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Home Office Makeover

After over a year of WFH and no end in sight, I took the leap and decided to DIY my way through a Home Office Makeover! I wanted to create a space that represented me and my sister (hey, new co-worker!), while also being super functional. Check out all the items that we put together to create this creative space/think tank/dual home office/studio!


Alex Desk

I really wanted to get a spacious desk that also had a minimalist look and the Alex desk satisfied all those needs. I love the storage in this desk and how user-friendly it is!

Billy Bookcase

I cannot say enough good things about IKEA's Billy Bookcase. I love how spacious these shelves are and how customizable they are. I dare you to take a Pinterest deep dive into the endless ways this bookcase can be customized!

Fejka Artificial Plant

Greenery...this was something I knew I wanted but couldn't figure out if I wanted it to be real or artificial. While the idea of watering a plant (à la Meg Ryan style) sounded appealing, I decided to opt for a maintenance-free artificial plant and love it!

Ribba Black Frames

A gallery wall was one of my non-negotiables. I wanted to let our personalities shine through but in a chic, aesthetic way. And these RIBBA frames from IKEA did just that!

Lomviken Gold Frames

I love how chic and minimalistic these frames are! For this gallery wall, I decided to do two rows of three frames. This made it really important that the frames weren't overwhelming, and these Lomviken frames were just that!

Gold Table Lamp:

For my desk, I wanted a high quality lamp that had, yet again, a minimalist look. This lamp from Wayfair did exactly just that. I love the height of the lamp and the statement that it makes on my desk!

And there you have it, our DIYed Home Office!


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