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Scandinave Spa: Tips for First-Time Visitors

As a first-time Spa goer (yes, you read right!), here are a few things I learned and would recommend to anyone trying the Scandinave Spa for the first time.

Early Bird, Gets the (Booking)

Chances are you've seen people post about the Scandinave Spa, and there's a good reason for it—it's a popular place. This means booking slots fill up quickly! You can book as early as 4 weeks in advance and I encourage taking advantage of that to get a good slot. Also, *insider tip*, the earlier the slot the better. From cleaner amenities to less crowded changerooms, morning/afternoon slots are the perfect time to experience the spa. And ideally, if you can visit on a weekday, you'll likely be able to get the most zen experience possible.

It's All in the Timing

When's the best time to visit the Scandinave Spa? I may be a little biased, but I certainly think Fall is a prime season. It's warm enough to enjoy the outdoor amenities like the hammocks & fire pits, while also being cold enough to not overheat in the hot baths. Fall is also a great time to bask in the beauty of the trees changing that surround the property.

The Perfect Plus-One

Honoring silence to embrace complete relaxation is a part of The Scandinave Spa experience. While you’ll notice the occasional whispering here and there, for the most part, the Spa does a great job of maintaining a silent experience. Going with larger groups, or people you haven’t seen in a while is a no-go since the Spa is definitely not ideal for chatting and catching up. It’s best to go with a small group (ideally 4 or fewer) or with someone you’re comfortable with and can fully embrace non-awkward silence with!

Arrive in Style

Arriving at a spa can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time there or your first time in general! A few pointers: arrive earlier than your booked appointment. Whether it's missing a turn on the way up or taking a little longer to check in, you'll want to give yourself extra time to start off the experience calmly.

Next, at the spa, you will be in various extremely hot settings. While this is great for the skin and pores, this isn't so great for makeup. Be sure to come in with a fresh face. All you'll need is some sunscreen and lip balm.

In my opinion, bath robes are essential at the spa and the complimentary towels just don't compare. I recommend renting a robe for $12 upon check-in. Some people choose to bring their own, and while that's great, make sure to bring the right type of robe. Yes, you read right, not all robes are alike. Sleep robes are indeed not the same as bath robes. You'll want a towel-like robe that wicks away moisture as opposed to those cozy robes you throw on in the morning.

Pack Smart

While the simplicity of the Spa experience means you can get away with packing light, here are the essentials you don’t want to forget:

  • Bathing suit – While obvious, sometimes it’s easy to forget you'll be spending most of your time in a bathing suit!

  • Flip Flops/Slides – You’ll be moving around quite a bit between the various indoor/outdoor amenities - plus you'll definitely want to avoid walking into the locker room/washroom area barefoot!

  • Lip Balm – From hot baths to saunas, your body will fluctuate between warming up and cooling down significantly, inevitably leading to some dryness. Top up on hydrating lip balm to stay moisturized!

  • Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated by sipping on water throughout your stay is a must. If you don’t want to lug around a water bottle, you can always leave it in your locker and grab it as needed.

  • Book/Magazine – When spending time at the relaxation areas like the hammocks and outdoor fireplaces, you may want something to keep you entertained. While the Spa encourages phone-free activity (sorry Spotify playlist), there’s nothing stopping you from relaxing and cozying up with a book!

  • Change of Clothes – Before heading out you’ll likely want to take advantage of the Spa’s stocked shower area (YES they provide soap, shampoo & conditioner!). Be sure to bring a change of clothes for after your shower. P.S if you plan on arriving with your bathing suit on underneath, don’t forget to pack undergarments to change into after!

Plan to Relax

The Scandinave Spa offers many great experiences. From hot baths to saunas, steam rooms, hammocks, cold plunges, and firepits, guests are able to enjoy many different activities. I would highly recommend trying everything and rotating between activities to get the most out of the experience. They suggest that the average user experience is about 2-3 hours and I would agree. After the 2-3 hour mark, you'll likely have rotated through the experiences multiple times and will have worked up an appetite. The Spa does have a bistro with some great options. But this is likely when you'll throw the towel in (pun intended) and want to wrap up the experience.


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