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#PPapproved Personalized Gifting Ideas

Ideas for the perfect personalized gifts for the loved ones in your life!

I think it's fair to say that not all personalized items are made alike, in that there's a fine line between chic and tacky when it comes to personalized goods. I am VERY particular when it comes to the personalized gifts that I like to give others. It all comes down to quality, value and usability. So today, I've done a round-up of my favourite personalized gifts from some amazing small, local businesses.

1. Custom Cookie Box - EmBossBabes

These custom cookies by EmBossBabes are the perfect porch-side drop-offs for the loved ones in your life! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, milestone or simply showing some love, there's nothing sweeter than these cookies to show it! I love that they can be customized to match any theme and that they're beautifully packaged in a safe/secure box (a sanitary win that's for sure)! PP approved for a quality porch-side drop-off!

2. Personalized Jewelry - Kenzella Jewelry

What better way to show yourself or a loved one how much you care than with some personalized jewelry! Now this is no understatement, but I absolutely adore my Kenzella Jewelry pieces! From the personalized Love Ring to the Tiny Letter Choker and Heritage Necklace, I love the high-quality of these products and minimalist and dainty they are! These are definitely staples in my daily wardrobe!

3. Doughnut Delivery - Letterbox Donuts

What's sweeter than a doughnut delivery? Nothing! Toronto's Letterbox Doughnuts is the perfect pandemic-approved gift for the sweet tooth in your life! This doughnut delivery service is super safe and easy way to gift a sweet treat to a loved one! Plus, I love that it can be personalized to match the occasion. Talk about a win-win-win!

4. DIY Gift Box

With all this extra time we have right about now, why not craft your own DIY gift box for a loved one! This means you can put together your favourite products in a fun, personalized way! From choosing a pretty box to the products and how it's packaged, this fully customized gift is perfect for the person you know all too well!

5. Wood Engraved Cheeseboard - P.G. Box Woodworks

How stunning is this personalized, wood engraved cheeseboard! Absolutely love the quality and style of the wood engraving and the cheeseboard itself. So well made! This chic take on personalized gifts is perfect for the wine & cheese lover in your life.


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