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5 Beauty Products You Need to Sparkle & Shine This Holiday Season!

Check out these 5 beauty/haircare products that I've be using all season long!

1. Ardell Magnetic Lashes

If you're anything like me, you're skeptical of the idea of magnetic lashes. How do they work? Do they really stay on? Let me tell you...yes and yes! Ardell's Magnetic Lashes are truly wonderful! They're extremely easy to use and sure to please every lev

el of lash lover! All you have to do to apply them is use the Magnetic Liner, which is pretty much a eyeliner that doubles as lash adhesive (talk about a win!). Once you have the liner on, you simply place the magnetic lashes on top of the liner and the magnetic magic will kick in. And there you have it, a quick and easy glam lash look!

2. Monday Smooth Conditioner

Have you come across this beautiful pink packaging in the haircare aisle? Well I definitely did, and I'm happy to report that I absolutely love this new line of haircare! I've been using the Smooth Conditioner for the past few months, and this one product has revolutionized my curly, frizzy hair! I've also noticed the incredible shine it gives my hair when styled. Add this to your haircare routine and get ready to sparkle and shine this holiday season!

3. Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Lipstick

As an avid lipstick collector, it's always a surprise when I find a lipstick that I truly love and becomes a staple in my purse. Enter: Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Lipstick. This extensive line of nude lipsticks is perfect for any nude/pink/mauve lipstick lover (my current fave is Supermodel). Plus, bonus points, (to my surprise) it's also super brown-girl friendly. So many of the shade look great on my skintone! But most importantly, I love the feel of this matte lipstick. It's incredibly comfortable and long lasting. Perfect to party the night away this holiday season.

4. Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow Stick Blush

You've seen it all over Instagram, you've seen it raved about on Pink Prosecco and now we're raving about it again! Pixi Beauty's Stick Blush is out-of-this-world beautiful! It gives you the most beautiful inner glow! It's dewy, yet long-lasting, it's pigmented while being subtle, it's my absolute fave! My summer go-to colour was Juicy, but now I'm obsessed with Fleur. It gives you the perfect rosy cheek look. Pro tip: because it's a dewy-er blush, avoid too much shine on the rest of your face (aka bring down the highlight when paired with this). Get ready to blush your way down Santa Claus lane!

5. Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic

It's a cult favourite, and there's good reason for it! Pixi Beauty's Glow Tonic is just as good (if not better) as its said to be! This toner is so refreshing after a night of makeup. It's the perfect last step to my makeup removal process and I love the glow that it seriously gives. It's a special glow, not that dewy serum glow (that we all know and love)...but instead it's a long lasting glow and clarity to the face that's perfect for those no makeup days. If you're ready to glow your way in 2022, be sure to pick up this cult fave!

Happy Sparkle and Shining this Holiday Season!


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